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Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals

OSA (Onsite Appraisals) serves as a trusted partner for professionals across various disciplines, including developers, lawyers, accountants, and property managers, offering a diverse range of appraisal services tailored to their unique needs and objectives. Whether you require a pricing opinion for a new development, expert testimony in a legal matter, assistance with estate planning, or an opinion of value for the sale of a section within a cooperative building, we possess the expertise, research capabilities, and analytical acumen to deliver credible and reliable opinions of value to meet your requirements.

Developers rely on our expertise to provide accurate pricing opinions essential for strategic decision-making in new development projects. Our thorough research and market analysis enable us to offer valuable insights into market trends and property values, empowering developers to optimize their investment strategies and maximize returns.

In legal proceedings, lawyers trust our team to provide expert testimony backed by meticulous research and analysis. Whether it's litigation support, dispute resolution, or valuation for estate planning purposes, our expert appraisers deliver authoritative opinions of value that withstand scrutiny and provide invaluable support to legal teams and their clients.

Accountants turn to us for assistance in preparing estates, leveraging our expertise to provide precise valuations of assets essential for estate planning and administration. Our thorough and objective appraisal reports enable accountants to fulfill their fiduciary duties and ensure equitable distribution of assets in accordance with legal requirements.

Property managers rely on our appraisal services for a myriad of needs, including valuing common areas, such as hallway space or roof top space, develop opinions of value for lease fee interests, develop feasibility studies on proposed construction or renovation of lease fee interests, and develop market studies on the conversion of cooperative properties to condominium. Our comprehensive approach and attention to detail ensure accurate and reliable opinions of value that facilitate effective decision-making and asset management.

At OSA, we understand the importance of delivering credible and reliable appraisal services tailored to the specific needs of professionals across different industries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your appraisal needs and empower you to achieve your objectives with confidence.

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