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Accounting, Development & Management

Accounting, Development & Management

Onsite Appraisals (OSA) is a trusted partner for accountants, providing expert assistance in developing retrospective and contemporaneous opinions of value essential for taxation purposes. Our services extend beyond accounting circles, as property managers frequently rely on us for a diverse range of appraisal needs, including:

Investors/Clients Seeking Market Valuations:

Whether for marketing purposes or taxation, investors and clients turn to us for precise appraisals tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

Rental Value Assessment of Leased Fee Interests:

Property managers benefit from our expertise in determining the rental values of leased fee interests, crucial for maximizing revenue and investment returns.

Net Value Calculation for Renovation Projects:

We assist property managers in calculating the net value created by proposed renovations to leased fee interests, providing valuable insights for decision-making and investment planning.

Opinions of Value for the sale of Common Areas:

Our appraisal services extend to determining the value of common areas within buildings, such as hallways or roof spaces, aiding property managers in asset management and valuation.

Conversion Potential of Cooperative Buildings:

Property managers considering the conversion of cooperative buildings into condominiums rely on our expertise to develop informed opinions of value, guiding strategic decisions and maximizing potential returns.

Analysis of Valuation Effects on Land Lease Repurchase:

We analyze the valuation effects associated with the repurchase of land leases, providing property managers with essential information for negotiating favorable terms and making informed financial decisions.

In addition to assisting property managers, developers also turn to us for expert opinions of value in various contexts, including pricing proposed construction projects, assessing newly converted or constructed projects, and informing strategic development decisions.

At OSA, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive appraisal services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across diverse sectors. Contact us today at (212) 223-1123 to discover how we can support your appraisal needs and empower your decision-making processes.

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