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Onsite Appraisals (OSA) is your trusted partner for a comprehensive array of appraisal services tailored to support various legal matters. Our expertise extends to:

Expert Testimony:

We provide expert testimony services, offering authoritative insight and analysis in legal proceedings to help bolster your case.

Estate Planning:

Our appraisal reports play a crucial role in estate planning, providing accurate assessments of property values to facilitate the management and distribution of assets.

Tax Appeals:

In cases of tax appeals, we offer robust appraisal services to challenge unjust tax assessments, providing well-supported evidence to support your appeal.

Separation of Assets:

During business dissolutions or divorce proceedings or asset division, our appraisals offer impartial and accurate valuations, ensuring equitable distribution of property.

Valuation of Fractional Ownership:

We specialize in valuing fractional ownership interests, providing precise assessments essential for determining fair market value in shared ownership arrangements.

Loss of Property Value due to Township/County Imposed External Obsolescence:

Our appraisals meticulously analyze the impact of external factors, such as eminent domain, on property value, providing essential insights for legal arguments regarding loss of value.

Our appraisal reports are meticulously crafted and supported by comprehensive data analysis, ensuring their reliability under the scrutiny of litigation. We understand the importance of providing robust evidence to withstand aggressive rebuttals from opposition parties. Contact us at (212) 223-1123 for a free consultation tailored to your specific legal situation and appraisal needs. Trust Onsite Appraisals to provide the expertise and support necessary to navigate complex legal matters with confidence.

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